Main fabric material: Indonesian silk crepe
Sizing: M & L

This model is a shirt with long sleeves, which is completely free-sized and can be worn in the waist with a wide belt if you wish. It is recommended for parties and evening celebrations. it is good

washing instructions:  Machine wash cold (30.c), Don’t bleach, Iron low heat

collar models: collar V

Coloring: none
The designer suggested to design this model: high-heeled shoes or sandals with a small bag in simple colors

used season: spring and summer

The design of this dress in terms of pattern: is taken from the original pattern of the sheath dress shirt with the addition of cuffed sleeves

It does not have a zipper, the back part is connected with a button.

Design style: Romantic style design

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A Love Story Dress

Maryam always loved dressing up and looking beautiful, but this time, she had something special in mind for her dress. She was looking for a dress made of crepe silk fabric, a long-sleeved shirt with a sheath dress collar pattern. She wanted a romantic and chic dress that would catch everyone’s eye at any occasion.

She was looking for a dress that would stop her heart for a moment. Finally, in a large store, she saw a dress that had exactly what she wanted. A dress with romantic elements, made of crepe silk fabric, a long-sleeved shirt with a sheath dress collar pattern, all combined in one dress.

Maryam tried on the dress and showed it to her friend. Her friend confirmed the beauty of the dress, but more than anything, Maryam fell in love with it for reasons she couldn’t describe very well.

The day Maryam wore the dress for a special occasion, all eyes were on her. The calm color and romantic design of the dress had turned her into a masterpiece. Everyone was staring at her, and everything seemed to be a unique sight of beauty in front of them.

Maryam left the ceremony with her dress and thought about herself. For reasons she couldn’t describe very well, she felt an exceptional feeling in this dress. She enjoyed the romantic pleasure of looking for a special dress, and she was proud of showing her best version in this chic and romantic dress.


L, M

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