Main fabric material: silk
Sizing: 38-40-42-44-46
This dress is a combination of a top and a skirt, which is connected from the front with a ring and is suitable for evening parties, pool parties and beach parties.
Washing instructions: Machine wash cold (30 °C), do not bleach, iron low heat

Collar model: V

It has no coloring.

The designer’s suggestion for styling this model:
Shoes: sandals without heels and heels, with a straw or hemp bag

Used season: summer
The design of this dress in terms of pattern: V-neck top that is tied around the neck and the back of the top is tied with two wide straps, and the simple cloche skirt is connected with a loop from the front.
Design style: sexiness style, the idea is taken from the pattern of sexiness style shirts which are called: Cut out – on waist (cut from the waist)
The design on the fabric is printed on mosaic silk

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In a small village on the northern coast of Iran, there lived a woman named Nahid. She was a beautiful girl with a big dream: to design dresses that combine the beauty and culture of Iran.

Nahid was always looking for the latest Iranian dress models but due to financial constraints, she was unable to achieve her dream. She was looking for a creative solution to make dresses with Iranian designs using affordable materials.

One day, Nahid was looking for suitable materials to make her dress when she stumbled upon a shop that sold a collection of dresses inspired by Iranian elements. She was amazed by each of these beautiful dresses and became interested in the fabrics and designs inspired by Iranian culture.

Nahid was enchanted by a dress with a design on a fabric inspired by Iranian mosaic designs. Because of the art and beauty of this dress, a very creative idea came to her mind. She decided to use this design to create a chic and beautiful dress.

With excitement, Nahid started working and designed a dress with Iranian mosaic-inspired designs using cheap materials. This dress was a combination of a top and a skirt with a cut from the waist that connected with a beautiful ring.

After finishing her work, Nahid proudly wore her dress and went to a party in a nearby city. She attracted attention with this beautiful dress, and everyone was jealous of its beauty and elegance. Nahid proudly told her friends the story behind thedesign on the fabric of her dress. She told them that the design was inspired by Iranian mosaic designs that referred to the beauty and culture of Iran.

After that night, Nahid received very good feedback from her friends and other people. She continued to design new dresses with designs inspired by Iranian culture and sold them. She was interested in the beauty and culture of Iran, and this interest turned into a successful business in designing Iranian dresses. With her efforts and creativity, Nahid became one of the most famous Iranian dress designers in the country and exported her designs throughout the world.

In the end, Nahid showed that with effort and creative ideas, anyone can reach their dreams. With her dresses that combined the beauty and culture of Iran, she achieved a shining position in the Iranian fashion industry.


38, 40, 42, 44, 46

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