Main fabric material: Indonesian crepe
Fabric material: Indonesian silk crepe
Sizing: M, L
This dress is a long-sleeved shirt that goes from the front of the chest to the thigh, the waist is embroidered, the collar of this model stands on the arms, a small neck scarf is an accessory of the shirt that can be styled in different titles, a party shirt evenings and small celebrations

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold (30 °C), do not bleach, iron low heat

Collar model: open boat
Color: blue and white
The designer’s suggestion for styling this model:
Shoes: Heeled shoes and sandals, clutch bag

Used season: spring and summer
The design of this dress in terms of pattern: high waist shirt
Design style: romantic style
It does not have a zipper

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A young girl with dark eyes and blonde hair visited a shop called “SAONEKA”. She was searching for a dress for an evening party. Her eyes were drawn to a long shirt with an attractive collar design. This dress, with a beautiful belt and an attractive collar design, was perfect for important parties and small celebrations.

The girl went to the evening party with her new dress and was stunning. She enjoyed the party like an Iranian princess and behaved well with everyone.

After the party, the girl went to the “SAONEKA” shop each time, and with every new and attractive dress, she enjoyed her happiness. She was always very chic and beautiful with clothes inspired by Iranian elements, and everyone was surprised how she could be so fashionable and modern with clothes with local and traditional designs.

Over time, with her new dresses, the girl became one of the important figures in the city and always enjoyed every party and celebration she attended with attractive and chic dresses. She always remembered how beautiful and chic she could be with clothes inspired by Iranian elements, and always attracted attention to her freshness and vitality at every party she attended, in addition to the attractiveness of her dress. With this mindset, she learned that it is always possible to design chic and modern clothes by combining local and traditional designs with inspiration from Iranian elements that every personality, especially introverts and extroverts, needs.


L, M, S

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