Main fabric material: Indonesian silk crepe.

Indonesian silk crepe fabric

Sizing: M, L
This shirt is a combination of two parts, top and skirt, it is connected from the waist with fabric, the right side of the top has a zipper. Two models have been implemented in two sizes

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold (30 °C), Don’t bleach, Iron low heat
Collar model: open clay collar (square)

Color: two different designs
Suggestions for styling this model: Shoes: shoes and sandals with heels, simple designer bags without any design

Used season: spring and summer
The design of this dress in terms of pattern is taken from the original empire line dress pattern with changes in the collar and bottom skirt
Design style: Romantic



The Radiance of the Engagement Dress

When Sarah was looking for a skirt and top that would be suitable for her engagement ceremony, she went from store to store. But none of them caught her eye. Until she saw a dress in one of the larger stores that caught her heart.

It was a dress made of crepe silk fabric combined with a romantic pattern inspired by the empire line dress. The dress pattern also included flower and leaf designs that added to the dress’s beauty. She looked at the skirt and top and realized that this dress was what she wanted.

Sarah tried on the dress and fell in love with it. How could she use this dress? Where could she wear it? Maybe she should wait for the engagement ceremony venue to be determined.

After a few days, the engagement ceremony was held at one of the city’s best restaurants. Sarah brought her dress along with her jewelry and showed it to her friends jokingly. Everyone loved it.

When they entered the restaurant, everyone was staring at Sarah. Her dress reminded them of the afternoons spent in old mansion gardens. The long skirt with a calming purple color turned her into an empress. When she walked into the restaurant, everyone stepped back to let her pass.

Sarah happily sat at the table reserved for her engagement ceremony. Everyone congratulated her and admired the beauty of her dress. But the greatest admiration came from within herself. She showed herself off in a dress that she loved and felt great in.


L, M

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