Main fabric material: taffeta
Fabric material: taffeta
Sizing: M-L (The best size: L)
This dress is a shirt and is suitable for evening parties and birthday parties (between evening dress and sports dress).
Washing instructions: Machine wash cold (30 °C), Don’t bleach, Iron low heat
Collar model: Stand collar
Color: 3 different fabric designs
The designer’s suggestion for styling this model:
Shoes: sandals or short-heeled shoes, semi-sporty sneakers (such as Adidas superstars)
Bag: bag preferably a small sports hand bag

Used season: spring and summer
The design of this dress in terms of pattern: Kimono
Design style: japanese traditinal – kimono look
It does not have a zipper, it has 3 buttons on the front

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Nima had always been looking for a chic and unique outfit for evening parties. He wanted something that would not only have a visually appealing appearance but also be comfortable to wear on rainy nights. However, nothing seemed attractive to him until he found a dress with a unique and interesting pattern at one of the local stores.

The dress had a kimono-inspired design with a taffeta fabric, inspired by Japanese culture. The stitching was done with great care and craftsmanship, giving it a chic and unique appearance. That night, Nima went to the party with his new dress. All the guests looked at him and were surprised by how chic and unique he looked. However, Nima was only looking for a place where he could find his true love.

When he saw Maryam, he lost his breath. She was wearing a kimono-like pattern on a black dress. Maryam approached Nima with a beautiful smile and complimented his new dress. The two quickly started talking, and Nima decided to be with Maryam at all parties from now on. Every time they were together, they spent happy and memorable moments. They were both looking for happiness and love, and always found peace and tranquility in each other’s company.

On another night, Nima and Maryam went to a party together. Nima had always been looking for a chic and unique outfit, but tonight he realized that his best outfit was always a kimono dress that Maryam had sewn on her dress. Heproudly showed Maryam his dress and said, “You are always the best, and the dress you sewed for me is always the best dress!” Maryam also approached Nima with a loving smile and said, “You always look chic and unique, but the dress I sewed is the best dress.” From that night on, Nima and Maryam were always together with their chic and unique kimono dresses, finding peace and tranquility in each other’s company at their evening parties.


L, M

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